Flora Bloom is a fictional character, a vegan energy healer/writer with no time for BS and fake information inspired at times by real life events while keeping all parties identities and specifics private. She deals with real issues and in a very honest and direct manner.

By sharing her daily routine and experiences and those of people who touched her life over a few decades she hopes to help others going through various life challenges.

Life can be pretty lonely when one is trapped in her/his little self damaging routine. Sometime it truly takes just a little daily nudge and support from others to get out of it. May this be your first helpful nudge toward your healing journey. If you have a question or would like to share information to be blogged about please feel free to email us. Real people will read your email, promise.

We share all that can help others heal and build together a better world, while letting our imagination run wild. Flora likes to rant and she goes on and on when she cares about the topic and social justice is a big one for this little firecracker that she is. What she doesn’t have in stature she surely has in character. Don’t you mess with her, she will hunt you down and make sure you never do it again, but you will thank her in the end.

Watch her as she grows into her own and finally becomes the healer she is meant to be.

Happy reading and remember, it is fiction, aside from the links provided, those are very real.