Sometimes it’s great to just let go…πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ with πŸ’•

I often wonder why we are made to encounter certain people in our life… and I have come to the conclusion that we meet ingrates and idiots who can’t take care of their own stuff but who also have a strange and unfounded superiority complex so we know exactly how not to be. I use such people as a gauge to know when I am slipping into the red zone, the zone of the lower frequencies that damage our health and souls if we let it.

The best policy when we are forced such low frequencies around us is to shield ourselves with the tiny mirrors around us so we can simply reflect back whatever energy these negative individuals are attempting to spread around. It becomes more fun as you practice and very useful to keep what kind of energy you let through to you in check.

Ultimately we want to stay away from such toxic individuals as they will never change and ‘get better’ but they will always be reliably negative and ready to put anyone around them down, until it fits their agenda.

I wish them good luck, trust me when I say they will need it, because generally speaking… when people attempt to belittle a good individual karma tends to repay them back and not in a kind manner so for this reason do try to get away from such downers, they usually manage to poison all around them somehow.

Some great colleagues of mine and I have been offering online monthly deals for online group calls to show how someone can easily get over multitudes of such issues and use such negative people to actively change our own lives around and for the better of course. Just to go and book your sessions today. It’s never too late or too soon to start living the life we were always meant to live. Stop attracting your old unwanted patterns and use them instead to build the life you truly desire.

Xoxo F.


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