Hello Darlings,

I know I have been terribly absent and it’s because I was busy…being myself, Francesca and writing/illustrating/formatting/publishing….do it all for my very own first children’s book and about a decade before I thought it could even be possible.

The power of healing with energy such as Reiki and EFT has brought such amazing change inside of myself that my creative juices started pushing again and I just went for it and after working and working on different ideas etc. I decided it was time to go for it.

Flora Bloom is indeed my inspiration and even though I don’t agree with everything she says I admire how she always speaks her mind and how she stands up for what she considers to be right versus unfair for all. I would say she is a mixture of my younger combative self and my older and wiser me just with a lot more spunk that I would generally show to the world.

As a secret writer and artist I have spent many years living a double life, pretending to be just like everyone else on the outside while knowing exactly how different I truly was and still am.

I do believe in the basic goodness of people but in my 44 years on this earth I have seen a lot of “good” people doing a lot of “bad” stuff and one’s confidence on the goodness of humans may fade over time due to actual happenings, not just words being said.

This book is a way to go back to simple roots of love, family, and friendship. No matter how sad and down one can feel just remember that Love will win, always, so don’t give up hope, give up those who make you feel crappy about yourself and in peace move on and look for people who empower you and make you feel like the marvelous being you were always meant to be, because the universe does want us all to shine and we shine much better when surrounded by people who empower us rather than putting us down.

Peace to all and remember, vegan is peace so consider taking the first step toward a more peaceful and loving existence.

Thank you,


Click here to get my first book: “Ducks and Pigs”, availabe on Kindle.com for free for the next few days or grab your printed copy. Available all over the world, in most countries anyway~


11 thoughts on “Francesca did it, she published her first children’s book…

  1. I’m so happy to know your creative juices are flowing again. Don’t give up! Also, where can I get a copy of the book or something? I’m also a kid’s teacher and even though I don’t have kids, I always have toys, and stuff around me for my classes online

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    1. They are sold on Amazon because I can self publish there. If you put my name in, Francesca Molinari, they will appear. The reader helper version is double sided so the kid and the reader can sit in front of one another and share the book comfortably. I am dedicated to sharing some of my coaching knowledge to help kids and parents learn easy steps to feel better quickly while having fun. EFT is amazing and want to share with children because once they know this they never have to suffer as much as some of us did. It also helps being creative when one is stuck or if going through hard times. I will let you know once my third is out so I can grab the free online version💁🏻‍♀️

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      1. Amazing. I think I’ve found you. The title is “Ducks and Pigs” right? I like what you’re doing. The future is in our children and they deserve the best.

        Yes, please let me know. Thank you!

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      2. If more children learned how to draw and make art more children would be happy. In therapy etc. Art is used a lot because it truly helps us heal by making our brain and being vibrate at the right energy frequency to heal. Plus it helps people appreciate how much hard work goes into it.

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